Full Bloom

6 month, in-depth
healing journey

Full Bloom is The Heroine's Journey of healing programs. It holds the power to facilitate life-changing transformation.


Full Bloom is Perfect For:

  • Women facing chronic health challenges or autoimmune conditions that are difficult to manage on their own.

  • Women facing intense or thorny health challenges who need a guide to walk them through the healing process.

  • Healers who are ready to take a deep dive into healing thyself .

  • Women who want their lives to look differently. Women who are ready to go on a life changing journey to heal their bodies and manifest what it’s like to live THEIR best life— or, to step into what the highest vision of yourself is.

  • Women who are ready to heal the physiological expressions of the traumatic experiences they have encountered in their life.— This can be anything from child abuse (physical or emotional), loss, addiction, physical and emotional neglect + more.

How It Works

  • Targeted Physiological Focus

  • 12, 50-minute deep-dive sessions

  • Email support between sessions

  • Personalized Action Plan, Herbal Therapeutics, Supplements, Journal Prompts & Exercises

  • Deep Dive into Earth-based Spiritual Practices~ Locate Your Guides, Cultivate Your Intuition, Complete Your Initiations

  • Extended Use of Plant Spirit Medicine, Ayervedic & Chinese Medicine & Seasonal Wisdom, Ritual & Ceremony

  • 2-3 Meal Plans Each Month

  • Akashic Soul Reading

  • Final Session + Next Steps You Can Take



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