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My Story

Getting lost in the woods is sometimes the only way to see the forest for the trees.

Many years ago, I was lost. I was searching for a way out of the pain of my childhood, the loss of a dear loved one, and the discomfort of not fully knowing myself. In lieu of the proper maps or guides, I tried escape routes anywhere I could find them- alcohol, smoking, binge eating, painkillers, over-exercising. . .

The worst part was that I suffered privately, as so many of us do. On the outside, I was an educated, conscious mama working for one of the top functional medicine doctors in the country.

It seemed like I had it all "together", but my inner terrain was vastly unfamiliar and lonesome.

Our culture teaches us to downplay or even ignore our suffering and dis-ease, as well as the suffering of others, sometimes even right here within the wellness industry. 

Especially as mothers and grandmothers, we’re taught that a positive disposition, accommodation and gratitude are the ways to manage and disguise what we cannot name or befriend in ourselves. That, or we learn to create a rough and brittle space around us that robs us of our generosity and playfulness . . .

Becoming childlike again, and raising children, brought me home to myself.

As children, we related to the world so intimately, so intuitively. Many cultures say that children are the ones closest to Spirit, because they came so recently from that creative source. This connection can help us cope as children with uncomfortable and even devastating conditions.

As we age, we must- at some point- return to find the solid Earth beneath our feet, and strive to become embodied . . . to fully occupy ourselves, and heal whatever needs healing . . .

Returning fully into my body, step by step, has been the greatest healing journey of my life.

This process has been a weaving of the guidance of plants, herbs, mindful practices, earth-based rituals, seasonal connection, and a deep, clinical understanding of my body’s systems and functions.

It’s my life’s work to help you step out of “bettering” yourself and instead move into alignment with your own profound ability to heal.

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Within you is an immense wisdom you may not have been taught to easily access. But make no mistake, it’s there waiting for you.

My work bridges the highest levels of training in herbalism and functional nutrition with the earthy, soulcentric tools and skill-sets needed to come back into connection with your own, inner guide.

Once (re)awakened, this inner guidance will never leave you again, and so I see my work as deeply sustainable for your ongoing health. No quick fixes here, only deep and root-cause healing work supported by totally accessible, everyday remedies and lifestyle shifts.

We are not here to suffer unnecessarily and privately. We’re here to thrive together alongside the nourishing cycles of nature.

We’re here to transform both our greatest healing crisis and day-to-day struggles alike into a source of empowerment and wholeness.

We’re here, living in these times, to rise up to our own and each other’s Heroine’s Journey . . . which is simply, to come home to ourselves. Fully and without restraint.

With love,


Credentials & Experience

  • M.S. Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine (University of Bridgeport)

  • Lead Nutritionist at Functional Nutrition Alliance (2011-2014)

  • Executive Assistant to Aviva Romm, M.D. (2015-2018)

  • 15+ Years working in the fields of Functional Nutrition, Herbalism, Health Coaching, Intuitive & Earth Medicine, Women’s Integrative Health

  • Holistic Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems Graduate and Teacher

  • Functional Medicine Nutritionist

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach (The Institute of Integrated Nutrition)  

  • Clinical Herbalist & Herbal Educator

  • Earth Medicine School (with Pixie Lighthorse; Levels 1, 2, and 3)

  • 1000 Hour Herbal Immersion Course (Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine)

  • Foundational and Advanced Clinical Herbalism (The School of Evolutionary Herbalism)

  • Intuitive Plant Medicine Training (with Asia Suler)

  • B.S. in Science from the Evergreen State College

  • Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine


knowledge is power. experience is freedom.

Notes from a healer