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The Herbal Medicine Series at Amethyst & Rose

Empower Yourself & Your Practice with Plant Medicine


for Healers, Nutritionists & Plant Loving Initiates.

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Deepen Your Education in the Practical, Energetic & Medicinal Use of Plants to Heal the major systems of the body.

Learning to use plant medicine effectively and respectfully is a cornerstone of any natural medicine practice or personal healing path. The Herbal Medicine Series is a deep dive into the clinical, nutritional and psycho-spiritual uses of plant medicine.

Much more so, it's an invitation to cultivate an intimate relationship with the natural world while opening a conversation with the inner landscape. Nurture this type of dialogue will change the way you view self, patient and world forever. Become an ally to Earth's bountiful medicine.


There are plant allies for all that ails us-
body, mind & spirit.

The Herbal Medicine Series is a deep, skill-building journey where ancient wisdom meets modern protocol. Learn to work with the power of plant medicine for every major organ system of the body while simultaneously empowering spiritual well-being and connection.

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Learn Herbal Therapeutics & Wisdom for Every Incredible Body…

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The Digestive system

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The Immune System



Skin & Integumentary Systems



The Adrenal System

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Womb Space





Hello Beautiful!

If you’re a student of the natural world and of alternative ways of healing both personal and cultural wounds, I’m so glad we’ve found each other. Despite all my clinical training, the spiritual and energetic teachings of plants, and my practice cultivating this sacred art, has been the tipping point in my ability to help people heal. It’s also my happy place— that space where I know all is well, where I know I’m supported, and where healing is natural and even inevitable.

There isn’t much I haven’t seen, from my own battles with addiction, my time as Lead Nutritionist at Replenish PDX, or as Executive Assistant to Aviva Romm, M.D., a true thought-leader in Women’s Integrative Medicine. And yet, the woods continue to reveal more than any “worldly” experience can. I’m honored to bring the Herbal Apprenticeship series to you, in service to your own forest walk. Please join the list below to be notified when I launch. Spaces will be limited, and the journey will be deep.



"the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness."

- John Muir