Amethyst & Rose

Women's Healing Circle

make a masterpiece of your health,
in supportive community with other women.

With Megan Liebmann, M.S.

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Together, We Thrive.


The Women's Healing Circle is a 6 month wellness Mastermind for women who want to not just be told how to care for themselves, but to learn themselves how to maintain vitality and naturally tend to illness or dis-ease when it arises, with the support of a loving group of women on a similar path.

If you love community, are serious about learning about your body's unique needs & healing process, and are tired of going it alone- apply to the Women's Healing Circle today. Spaces are limited to 10 women, so that we can co-create an intimate and highly empowering experience for all.


The Women's Healing Circle

is A 6 Month Journey Through the Systems of the Body

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The Digestive System:
learn how to support, strengthen and manage your gut.



The Adrenal System:
Overcome overwhelm & ground yourself spiritually through adrenal health

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The Immune System:
Learn to build resilience and heighten your defenses for every season.

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Womb Space:
balance your hormones, get your juices flowing
& own your
creative power



Skin & Integumentary Systems: Go beneath the surface with the largest organ of the body.


optimize your brain~
nourish your mind,
Body & soul

Weekly Group Support + private sessions
+ recipes & much more!

  • Monthly Deep-dives into The Major Systems of the Body.

  • Weekly Focus Call: 4 Week Journey Through Each System.

    • Week 1: Introduction to the System

    • Week 2: Nourishing & Supportive Foods & How to Discover the Right Ones for You.

    • Week 3: Herbs, Ancient Practices & Practical Lifestyle Shifts

    • Week 4: Guided Journey, Implementation, Q&A

  • Weekly handouts, journal prompts, and discovery worksheets.

  • Weekly Recipe Plan.

  • 3 Private Sessions with Megan (60 minutes each).

  • 6 Bonus Guests (Akashic Soul Readings, Past Life Regression Work, Yoga, Tarot for Self-healing, Astrological Healing, and more)!

  • Special Gift Upon Completion.

  • A lifetime of real-deal knowledge and inspiration in caring naturally and holistically for yourself and your loved ones.

The Women’s Healing Circle is For:

  • Women seeking empowered education around their healing.

  • Women willing to look beyond symptoms and discover the roots of their dis-ease.

  • Women ready for a transformative experience that will deepen their relationship & connection to their body.

  • Women who have a burning curiosity about the inner-working of their body and their ability to heal themselves and their loved ones.

  • Women seeking a connected experience to a mentor.

  • Aspiring or practicing healers who know their own health journey has to come first.

  • Women looking for a safe space to heal their bodies and grow spiritually alongside women on a similar path.

Women’s Circle experience: $1597 

(Includes 6 months in Women’s Circle, all materials and resources, recipes, weekly live call (recordings available), private online forum for questions & support from Megan, 3 private sessions and the support of fellow sisters on a similar path!)

Join us for Early-bird Pricing: $1297
Available for a limited time (or until spaces filled).


Be guided on a journey to
Change Your Life.

This powerful container for your healing is limited to 10 incredible women ready for lasting vitality.
Are you one of them?